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NYHK Folio Shield for iPad
The NYHK Folio Shield keeps the sense of design of New York Hong Kong series, making full of New York Hong Kong pattern in the inner lining and the back, while keeping classic monotone in the cover.  The Folio design enables users to adjust up to 3 comfortable viewing positions on their own needs. Yet, the cover is still foldable for your easy typing. The thinnest shell, only 0.9mm, was made of a combination of tough materials, to offer fully protection to your iPad. The case was in form fitted design with precise holes and embedded magnetic, it’s just perfectly match with your iPad.  
  • Made of Microfiber Leather 
  • Ultra Slim design with strong protection : 3.5mm for the front cover and 0.9mm for the shell      
  • Lightweight with approximately 200g   
  • Easily stand and adjust into 3 viewing positions and one working position 
  • Support smart cover with precise embedded magnets
  • Compatible to iPad with Retina Display
  • A fine protective film and cleaning cloth are included
  • Color available:Black and White, Hot Pink (for Microfiber Leather); Grey (for Microfiber) 
USD 42.95
Select Color    Hot Pink
Out of Stock
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