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Plusch Collection

Lioncase recently work with Hong Kong local character house - tobyhk workshop, which create many original characters in past few years.
Plusch TM is one of the characters from tobyhk workshop.

About Plusch TM
When the moon is at the full, magic happens. Fion knows that this is not a myth because a memorable friendship magically happened in a one full moon night. She was buddying round with her dolls when the spacecraft of alien Bibo landed in her room. “Hello! May I know where I am and who you are? asked alien Bibo as he stepped out of his spacecraft with questioned eyes. “Hello! My name Fion. Nice to meet you! You are in my room on the planet Earth.” She welcomed the visitor from outer space with firm hand shakes. “And let me introduce my friends to you. Each of them has their own personality and occupation.” The conversation continued. Alien Bibo Learnt about different jobs on Earth as he got acquainted with Fion and friends.
Plush TM is designed to be educational for children. It endorses friendship and other positives in life while teaching kids about different occupations. Given their lovable and delightful designs, the characters can easily create emotional attachments with kids and parents. The animation project of Plush TM is currently underway. So, let’s look forward to the animation of Plush TM.

Case Collection
1. Dog

2. Bunny

3. Panda

4. Zoo


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