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New York Hong Kong

Inspired by the similarities between New York and Hong Kong, lioncase launches a new series for iPad case, named “New York Hong Kong”.  A unique pattern made of different thickness of lines was created and engraved into the cases, making the case to be stylish and special among the market. There are two designs of cases available for this series: NYHK Shield and NYHK Folio Shield, both consist of hardy shell to fully protect the iPad.

Why New York Hong Kong?

Connection between two cities
When you think of similarity between New York and Hong Kong, your immediate response would be: they are international cities and financial centers of the world. Then, what else? Lioncase thinks deeper for these two cities: they are cities with full of opportunities and possibilities. They are cities with full of contrast and harmony. They are cities of diversification. They are cities where people are energetic and innovative so always eager to accept new ideas. Even more, people living in these two cities are striving for better electronic technology and devices for better lifestyle. The similarities of New York and Hong Kong are actually connecting two cities. So lioncase created the pattern of New York Hong Kong in order to visualize the connectivity of the two cities.

The pattern of New York Hong Kong

Visualize the connection of two cities
The pattern of New York Hong Kong is made of different lines vertically and horizontally with different destinations near New York. As a whole, itlooks like a road map on the street. There are 3 dark dots representing New York, Hong Kong and the other places in the world. The line connection means New York and Hong Kong is linked to each other, in the meantime, they are connecting to the other places as well. The pattern is visually showing how New York and Hong Kong is related and connected, in a parallel way, contrast way, or a harmonize way.

The New York Hong Kong series

NYHK Shield and NYHK Folio Shield
This series is a perfect combination of design and function. It already has a unique design of the New York Hong Kong Pattern engraving into the case. There are two cases designs available: NYHK Shield and NYHK Folio Shield. Regarding the functionality, this series introduces lioncase special made shell into the cases, which the shell is one of the thinnest (only 0.9mm) in the market while still, providing the strongest protection to the iPad. Product details shown below:

NYHK Shield



NYHK Folio Shield