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About Us

About Lioncase

lioncase is a young, energetic and stylish brand which specialized in the accessories for personal electronic devices. Lion is the symbol of bravery and excellent so is best representing lioncase. We are brave to be creative in product development and design. We are keen to provide every personal electronic device with durable and complete protection, while in a favorable and stylish design. We believe details could determine a greater success so we strive to improve in every detail for maximizing the functionality of our products, as well as the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Vision

To be one of the best suppliers offering high quality products for personal electronic devices which are innovative, fashionable and functional.

Our Mission

lioncase strives to produce innovative and stylish accessories to personal electronic devices through integrating artistic elements into product design. We try every effort to understand the features, advantages and disadvantage of every personal electronic device, in order to improve every detail of our products, to make best fit products to our customers.


In 2012, a sub-brand of lioncase was established, named lion by lioncase. lion by lioncase keeps the attitude of lioncase, it aims to provide the higher quality of products with a fashionable design while in a reasonable price level to all users. lion by lioncase shares the same philosophy of lioncase – to improve every detail of the product for making best fit cases to the devices. lion by lioncase makes what people desired and enjoy. It hopes to refresh people’s experience of using mobile devices accessories.