Lion Cases. Don't Just Play. ROAR. Lion Cases. Don't Just Play. ROAR.
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A Look As Bold As Your Sound.

Lion Cases are a new breed of instrument case: rugged and regal, but also bright and playful. Meet the new King of the Stage.

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Your music isn't dull; why should your case be? Lion Cases come in limited edition colors that turn heads wherever you go (with more on the way!).

Weight: pianissimo.

Strength: fortissimo.

With its sleek carbon-fiber shell, the Lion Case is suprisingly light, weighing in at as little as 3.6 lbs. Don't count it out because it's a featherweight, though: this is a case engineered to go as many rounds as you need.
Lion Case Model 1400

Model 1400

Violin Case
The 1400 is the lightest offering in our premium case line. Weighing only 3 lbs 6oz, it combines the rugged protective abilities of carbon fiber with the weight of a basic foam shell case. Our unique contoured design minimizes the case weight without compromising its stability when open on a flat surface. With its unique shape, durability, and distinctive look, the 1400 is a great choice for your next case.
Lion Case Model 1600

Model 1600

Violin/Viola Case
With its efficient "dart" shape, the 1600 weighs in at just under 5 lbs; with its light weight, premium materials, and distinctive design, it's an ideal option for gigging musicians. This model accommodates two bows, and comes with a shoulder rest securing strap, small accessory pouch, and premium quality protective blanket. Side-carrying and subway handles allow for easy transport, and comfortable, failsafe shoulder straps are included for musicians prefering to backpack their instrument. The 1600 viola cases's unique adjustment design allows it to accommodate violas from 14" - 18" with ease, making it a great investment case for the violist planning to size up later.
Lion Case Model 1800

Model 1800

Violin Case
The 1800 has all all of the features you need to maintain and travel with your instrument, and combines those features with the lightweight, yet elite, protection offered by carbon fiber, weighing in at only 4lbs 3oz. This model has space for 4 bows, and comes fully equipped with comfortable shoulder straps, premium combination locks, removable storage pouches, full suspension, an airtight seal, and a shoulder rest securing strap.
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